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August 14, 2006


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Alice Q. Foodie

I am generally pretty "anti-chain" but I also liked this place a lot. We had some problems with our waiter, but I think he just had some issues. He didn't handle a returned bottle of wine very well, and acted disappointed when we did not order the most expensive items on the menu. Other than that, we had a great time and I thought the food was really good.

Captain Jack

Hi DD,
Oceanaire is great. I have been four times. I always sit at the oyster bar since it is kind of fun when dining alone. One night I at 24 oysters. I prefer Oceanaire to Blue Point. It definately has a more styleish dining space. Nice post.


Hey DD - You're on a roll. Just a quick question, being the oyster lover that I am - how much were those oysters, and how did they compare with (I know it's a Cohn Restaurant) Blue Point? Nice photos. ;o)

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