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The Dining Diva is tall, shapely and physically fit thanks to Sam the Personal Trainer. Not to mention an educated, articulate, stylish professional with strong leadership abilities, who is expressive, a little bit strong-willed, but definitely not Type "A" or high maintenance. Deluxe road trip accommodations that include a real bed, climate control, a toilet that flushes, hot and cold running water and room service are essential since travel is frequently on tap. Out of the kitchen The Dining Diva enjoys most water sports, movies, dining in or out, crossword puzzles, working out (can you say pilates and kettlebells), horseback riding, easy hikes, farmers markets, the museums in Balboa Park, coffee on the OB Pier, and dabbling in astrology. Fun-loving, not prone to seeking revenge, easily amused and entertained, spontaneous and more likely to “wing it” or “go with the flow” rather than a specific game plan. The Dining Diva is not a Domestic Goddess, but is capable of loading the bases in the kitchen and the bedroom. The ingredients that The Dining Diva brings to the plate are honesty, strong ethics, trust, loyalty, respect, fairness, fair conflict resolution taking responsibility for her actions.


Food, folk art, Mexico and my beloved Maine Coon Cats Allie, Gopher and Xuxa